The Times They Are A-Changin’

Anurag Kamal
3 min readNov 6, 2021


ElectricFish embraces a radical future with upcoming product launch

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The country’s aging, patchwork power grid is at a crossroads. It will have to be either reimagined to support the clean energy needs of the future, or crumble beneath the weight of climate threats and increased demand.

At ElectricFish, we are bold enough to believe that we can change the world, and we have built the product that will solve the multitude of issues plaguing the grid.

One of the largest concerns is congestion on the transmission lines that carry power from where it’s generated to where it’s needed. In a previous post, we discussed why this problem requires decentralization and the increased use of microgrids, as a recently released report found that more than three quarters of proposed (mostly renewable) projects are withdrawn because of transmission problems.

We also touched on how the grid contributes to the dismal state of EV charging options, and how this chicken-and-egg problem of charging supply contributes to slow EV adoption. Yet simply switching our current consumption to slightly more efficient alternatives will not be enough to ensure an environmentally sustainable future.

And updating the grid will be meaningless if that progress only widens an already large gap in access, and ignores the crucial need for equity from the beginning.

The attitude of most of the country seems to be either purposeful ignorance of the issues at hand, or a resigned belief that these problems are so large and insurmountable that the responsibility for addressing them lies with someone else, someone in a position of power far greater than us. Older polluting technologies need to be done away with faster than any phaseouts proposed by the companies proudly touting them, but we will also need to plan for a future with less cars and less driving altogether.

If we want to slow the adverse effects of climate change that we’re already dealing with and see a cleaner and more stable future, we need to embrace truly revolutionary ideas for our energy grid. We have to reimagine not just how our power is generated and moved, but also how we use that power. We at ElectricFish are embracing, not avoiding these issues. We built the product that can address these changes.

This month we will show what our product can do, our product launch at CharIN’s Testival at Lucid Motors is on November 16th.

This post concludes our series of medium posts on electricity infrastructure, and we would like to conclude it with Dylan’s words, “The line it is drawn. the curse it is cast, the slow one now will later be fast. — the order is rapidly fading, and the first one now will later be last. For the times they are a-changin.”

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