Where do I charge my electric truck?

Last year, even as the pandemic prompted a 17% plunge in new car sales, U.S. consumers purchased nearly 3 million full- and midsize pickup trucks–accounting for 20.1% of the new car market. At the moment there are essentially no electric vehicle options for this $100 billion+ market, but with a number of new vehicles hitting the market, the space is ready for disruption.

The day before Ford unveiled its first fully electric pickup last month, the F-150 Lightning, President Biden visited a Ford Motors plant in Michigan that is manufacturing the freshly minted…

Why wouldn’t you buy an Electric Car?

By 2030, we expect the percentage of EV sales to grow to 30%, but barriers are still slowing down mainstream adoption. The same factors of price, range, and infrastructure are heard repeatedly, with issues of access, and equity.

For price and range, consumers say they’d consider switching to an EV at 291 miles of range, almost like the new ones in the market. The “tipping point price” for an eventual disruption is said to be $36,000, mostly dictated by the EV’s heart- the battery. …

Imagine if we get the electricity grid right.

It is the year 2050, in Boca Chica, Texas, and out the window you can see a silent shuttle departing for Mars, powered by 100% renewable energy. After achieving net-zero carbon-neutrality, the space travel industry took off- our electricity grid now runs entirely off of solar and wind. Now with new carbon capture techniques, we are removing the emissions we generated in the last century.

It looks like humans will save the planet, after all.

When we look back through the decades, at the advent and growth of our renewable energy journey…

How are localized networks changing our food, finances, and energy?

Change frequently starts small. As problems plague our aging energy grid, those looking for a solution shouldn’t be surprised to find one in a small, agricultural town: the city of Gonzales.

The city, with a population just over 8,500, is building a $70 million microgrid to provide round-the-clock renewable power for the town’s industries. A 40 hour rolling-blackout in 2019 had prompted enormous losses for the city’s businesses, which process $5 million worth of perishables at any given time.

Up north in Humboldt County, success has been seen with the…

What did the Texas blackouts reveal about America’s broken power grid?

Power went out in Texas during the winter storm in mid-February, resulting in two major phenomena. First, the energy demand shot up as Texans used electric heaters to stop from freezing. Second, energy generators like natural gas, and wind went offline as they froze.

In response, Texas energy officials shed power by initiating “rolling blackouts”, the same tactic employed in California last summer during an extreme heatwave. These rolling outages eventually became a prolonged blackout, millions lost electricity, and frozen pipes shut off water supply. …

Anurag Kamal

Co-Founder - ElectricFish | Ex- ORNL, BMW, Volvo-Trucks | Ignite- Stanford GSB | MSME - Michigan Tech | BSME - BIT Mesra

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